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Are you a Creative Design Thinker?

What, Why and How of Design Thinking.

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Ever wondered how businesses achieved success with creative leadership? Popular companies such as IDEO, Airbnb, Uber Eats, Google, and Apple have used the design thinking process. They uncover the needs, desires, and pain points of their customers and find better ways to serve the community.

What is Design Thinking?

Design thinking is a process for creative problem-solving. The design consulting firm IDEO popularized it focusing on humans first and foremost.

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Design thinking ensures that the user is at the heart of the design. It values the emotional experience of the user by putting the designers in the end user’s shoes. Time evolves rapidly changing people, culture, and technology. Therefore, modern problems require innovative solutions.

How many times have you doubted your creativity? Why is design thinking important? Design Thinking is an iterative process that combines creativity and critical thinking. It analyzes information, makes decisions to improve situations, and enhances knowledge throughout the process.

It helps to focus on solutions rather than worrying about the problem. Thereby allowing organizations to create everlasting value for their customers.

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How to get started if you have an idea in mind that might help the community? Below are the five main stages of the design thinking process. Following the below steps will help you to come up with meaningful ideas to solve real-life problems.

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🤔 Empathize on what people really care about. Listen to the user and understand their problems.

🧐 Define a problem statement by analyzing and organizing research information obtained from the users.

🤯 Ideate new solutions by brainstorming alternative ways of viewing the problem.

👩‍💻 Prototype your idea into a physical representation by slowly adding details and complexity to the product.

👪 Test whether the product has solved the problem by putting the prototype in front of people who might use it and getting feedback.

Overall, design thinking can be used in diverse disciplines to understand human mindsets and encourage innovative thinking. So, don’t forget to follow the design thinking principles to solve your next big challenge. 😉✨

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